Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If We Went Out For Coffee....

If we went out for coffee, I would suggest we go to the Jackson Avenue coffee house because I love the atmosphere, it is quiet for a nice conversation, and I could order a Snickers coffee.....AMAZING!
We would probably start with the usual small talk, but hopefully we would dive into some more deep topics and really learn about one another.
You would learn that I will try to ask you more questions than the other way around.  One, because I am truely interested in other people, and two, because I get uncomfortable talking about myself. 
I will always start talking about my family when you ask me a personal question because I can talk about them for days.....
I am not a secretive person by nature, but my introvertness really shows up in these type of situations. 
Bear with me and let's have coffee another time.  You will learn more about me the more I come to know and trust you. 
Cause thats just the way I roll!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Meet Up

I have started following some education blogs and am hoping to start incorporating some of my Literacy activities on the blog.  I found a fun link up at The Teaching Tribune  and decided to participate.  So here is my My Monday Meet Up, and some randomness about me.
1.  I always played some version of house or teacher it seemed.  Barbies were my major love and I am so happy Lucy shares this love of the Blonde Fashion Model.
2.  I think Lola is an awesome name.  You just want to learn more about someone named Lola...
3.  I know, a coughing fit is pretty minor, but when your visit is 30 minutes and someone else has to fill in for you, it feels kind of pathetic.
4.  I am immature in my love for the Twilight series, but I would read them over and over.  Oh wait, I have.
5.  I wish I still had a living sibling to discuss past family life with since my parents are gone as well, but I did have an amazing family so even though the time was too short, it was still precious.
6.  I LOVE big breakfasts.  In fact, I think breakfast foods are my favorite and that is why I can never choose. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I learned in June....

That it passed too quickly.  Seriously with school going until the end of May, summer has felt shortened.
That my "hormones" have caused me to start getting sun burns on my neck and arms....ugghh, the perils of getting older.
That snack bar ice cream from the pool is one of my most missed treats over the winter months.
That I love having more time at home when school is over and activities are fewer.
That some flowers need less sun....oops
That I could never be a rescue placement person for animals or I would be on Animal Hoarders....yes, we still have all 5 kittens. 
That work really interfers with my pool time.  Why did I not get a teaching degree?
So, bring on July!!

July Currently

In Case You Were Wondering What Is Going On With Me......
This link up is with Oh Boy Fourth Grade. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Boys

Most people who read this blog know that before I became a  mom of all girls.  I was once a mom of only boys.  My boys Joe and Shae were my first borns.  They were fraternal twins who were born when I went into premature labor at 23 weeks.  Joe was born first and lived for 4 minutes, Shae followed a few hours later but was stillborn due to the trauma of child birth. They both touched my heart, soul, and life in a way that will never be forgotten.  They would have turned 19 this past May 31st (which is the actual date of Memorial Day, not just observed).  This is what my girls and I did to honor them this year.  I have had to have many awkward conversations when my girls tell people they have 2 brothers.  They are as much a part of our family as if they were alive because they continue to live in our hearts.

Hot wheels and Legos would have ruled a part of my life I am sure...the chalkboard was done by their little sister Katie....


Well this was my word for 2014.  I had kind of forgotten about it but decided to check on my progress. I  think the remainder of the year needs to be kicked into high gear.  I am currently reading a book by Gretchen Rubin titled Happier At Home.  She wrote another book called The Happiness Project which I have heard great things about.  I am happy at home but am wanting to create the sanctuary my family needs to recharge, relax, and be.  One thing I really love so far in the book is that she refers to her project as finding out who she is and how to  "Be Gretchen."  I think that is one of my issues of late, I am wearing so many hats and reading so much "how to" stuff that I don't really know how to "Be Penny."  I know this theme comes up a lot on this blog.  So here I go again with it :) 
The first month of the project focuses on Material Possessions and why we are or are not attached to our "things".....
Update to follow in late July :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Goals

Can I do it?  Yes, I can....

So what plans do I have for the summer??

1.  Learn to slow down and relax more.  This will require telling Doug that he can not book something for every Saturday and Sunday from sunup to sundown. That man knows how to fill a social calendar I tell ya :)

2.  Get around to making those ten scarves (I have plans for them that I will share later).

3.  Doug is getting a smoker (ya know like a grill) , so I intend to keep him busy with some new recipes.

4.  Get my feet in tip top condition so I can get a tattoo (well maybe....)

5.  Get to the pool at least 5 times with my kids.  This will depend on #1 being met.